Sicerp for the environment


Sicerp has always been attentive to sustainable development. Over the years it has directed his efforts towards the establishment of an organization characterized by respect for man and the environment, without neglecting the chemical and physical characteristics of the leather. The certificates achieved attest to the achievement of the first objectives and reconfirm the company's constant commitment.

Specifically, Sicerp has dealt with:

Water discharges:

Trattamento depurazione acqua

Presence of a modern biological purification plant for water treatment without the use of chemical products.

Riduzione sostanze chimiche

Compliance with legal limits with an increase in the maximum value threshold.

Optimization of the production process:

Riduzione sostanze chimiche impiegate

Reduction of the chemicals used in the retanning and dyeing phase.

Riduzione tempi lavorazione pelli

Reduction of leather processing time.

The second life of leather

Sicerp, in collaboration with thePolytechnic of Milan, has promoted a project "The second life of the skin" which starts from the concept of circular economy.

This idea has led to the creation of some unique and refined pieces of design, made with waste leather for normal footwear industry.


Floating bookcase that enhances the resistance and elegance of the leather.


  • Davide Spallazzo
  • Mauro Bergamaschi
  • Matteo Briccola


  • Chiara Aiello
  • Sofia Tapias
  • Moein Zarean


Bag made with leather triangles sewn togheter.

Project by:

  • Alessandra Brazzale
  • Chiara Franco


Stool with patchwork leather seat.

Project by:

  • Niccolò Tassi
  • Chiara Tregnago


Versatile leather bike bastket.


Woven elment for interior decor.


Flower vase lined with leather scraps.

Project by:

  • Natale Fabio
  • Alberigo Tuccillo